Rechtswanwalt Michael Augustin

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We are a team of lawyers, certified specialist lawyers and accountants, that was brought together by RA Michael Augustin.

Rechtswanwalt Michael Augustin

Our specializations cover the areas business law, IT law, copyright law, competition law, trademark law, media law, international law, investment law, Crowdfunding- and Crowd Investing law, banking and capital markets law, commercial law, corporate law, general civil law, contract law, tenancy law, employment law, tax law, medical law, family law, inheritance law, law of association, non-profit law, energy law, immigration law (immigration of employed and self-employed) and criminal law. Team skills and specializations are characteristics of a law firm that are in demand especially in cases where several areas of law are concerned, which can each be processed only by different specialists.

In addition to companies and creatives from the film and music industry, we advise companies in general, tax-privileged corporations and private people in those jurisdictions.


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