Rechtswanwalt Michael Augustin

:: Service

Being service-oriented means to me that the satisfaction of the client is at the very fore. Accordingly, building and maintaining long-term relationships of trust with my clients is very important to me.

That is why I refuse to represent the interests of my clients when I cannot believe in the success of the measures. In such cases, I prefer, if possible, to make better tactical suggestions, or not to accept such assignments. Apart from this, service means to me in particular the following:

  • I will take care of you personally and in a professional manner. By cooperating with other lawyers and tax advisers comprehensive advice and representation is assured.
  • You will find selected news on legal developments in my areas of focus on this website and the linked pages.
  • Our facilities offer a pleasant atmosphere fitted out with the most modern technology.
  • I'm always prepared to visit you or your company
  • Our driving service can convey documents to and from you.